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Voice Identification Software for Transcript Accuracy

Audiography is the science of combining fully monitored electronic recording technology and computerized voice identification to produce a verbatim transcript.

VIS/TA offers the capability of making the finest transcript by employing the talents of dedicated, trained audiographers with the most modern technology - VIS/TA software.

With VIS/TA the Audiographer (ECR) no longer hand writes their notes - it's all at the touch of a Hot Key (function keys on the keyboard). VIS/TA works with equipment you may already have - IBM or compatible computer (286 or better), Laptop, Sony or Lanier tape recorders.

VIS/TA Features:

VIS/TA is great for Planning/Zoning Board meetings, public hearings and the like. It allows the user to document all the board members and people speaking before the board.

Why is VIS/TA used for public forums?

By identifying who spoke and when they spoke, our transcriber has better information to prepare the transcript, especially if she is not the actual Audiographer.

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