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Legal Videography

State Shorthand provides video professionals to monitor and record your proceedings. Videography Services allow you to capture quality video recordings for your deposition, proceeding, or other event. We are committed to providing each State Shorthand client, court reporter and videographer our support. Should the need arise, a State Shorthand representative can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Video Depositions

State Shorthand's videographers are the clear choice to preserve visual testimony. Our clients have called upon our video experts to record and retain testimony of potentially unavailable, uncooperative, and/or key witnesses to "Day in the Life" documentation of plaintiffs. Many clients have recognized that the nuances of inflection, pauses in testimony and facial expressions need to be documented in a way that cannot be done with traditional transcripts. Thus our video experts are trained to capture an unbiased video record of your proceeding.

Our videographers are among the most experienced and active in the industry. All are held to the highest standards. Some of the video services we provide are:

Legal Videography FAQs

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