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If you have an
urgent or last minute assignment please contact us by telephone and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Video Conferencing 24/7

State Shorthand Reporting Service, Inc. proudly presents Video Conferencing.  At State Shorthand we realize the value Video Conferencing can bring to our clients as well as the benefit of controlling costs to your clients. Click here for a SPECIAL OFFER.

Need to meet with someone out-of-state?
Eliminate the necessity of travel related expenses. Let State Shorthand simplify your scheduling. With one phone call to our office we will provide you with a professional environment using the latest Polycom HDX 7000 Multi-Point Video Technology for your deposition, meeting, interview, arbitration, settlement and any other face-to-face interaction you may need. We will schedule a location for all of the parties involved.

By hosting a video conference you can save time and travel expenses. Your session can be recorded to DVD. Client flexibility is enhanced because the video schedule can be set for any time zone.  Multiple video conferencing locations can be connected at one time, allowing the client(s) to manage their time and costs more effectively.

Call us any time for a live operator and schedule your Video Conferencing depositions and/or legal video depositions in New Jersey, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or click here to schedule online now.



Our facility offers a beautifully appointed deposition boardroom with:



Click here for a SPECIAL OFFER.

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