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We’re not just in court!

Many people don’t realize the range of valuable services that court reporters perform outside of the legal system. Just as we can record a deposition in the context of litigation, State Shorthand can work with any corporate or non-profit entity to provide a transcript (verbatim record) of your event. We’ve provided our non-law firm clients with transcripts from a variety of meetings and events including:

Now offering Video Resume Cover Letter Services

Video cover letters can enhance a resume, allowing job applicants to highlight certain skills such as leadership and creativity. This brief presentation could have a possible advantage to traditional resumes.

What to Expect:

• Each video is 1 to 1 1/2 minutes long.
• Applicant will receive (1) CD copy (additional copies supplied for a nominal fee).
• Referral to staffing services firm for FREE posting of video resume.

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